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We are a professional China medical protective supplies manufacturer and factory, we mainly produce and supply medical protective clothing, medical protective masks, protective goggles/face shields, medical latex gloves, protective shoes, work caps, etc.
These medical protective supplies are mainly suitable for:
1. Medical staff entering isolation observation rooms and special wards;
2. Staff who contact specimens collected from patients, handle their secretions, excreta, used items and dead patients' corpses;
3. Medical staff and drivers who transport patients.
  • Medical Protective Face Shield

    Medical Protective Face Shield

    Product name: Medical protective face shield;
    Model: I type;
    1. Wrap-around design provides Sealed Protection
    2. Focus on extra comfort with elastic foam headband
    3. High-temperature resistance and impact resistance
    4. Double-sided anti-fog with long-lasting effect
  • Medical Protective Isolation Goggles

    Medical Protective Isolation Goggles

    Product name: Medical protective isolation goggles;
    Model: A type, B type;
  • Medical Disposable Protective Clothing

    Medical Disposable Protective Clothing

    Product name: Medical protective clothing;
    Model: The product is divided into a one-piece type and a split type according to the wearing method.
    Specifications: According to the size, it can be divided into 6 specifications: 160, 165.170, 175, 180, 185.
  • Medical Protective Isolation Gown

    Medical Protective Isolation Gown

    Product name: Medical protective isolation gown;
    Model: A type: gown type; B type: one-piece type; C type: split type.
    Type A Specifications:
    Body Length 80cm-200cm; Bust 80cm-160cm; Sleeve Length 45cm-80cm;
    Type B specifications: 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185;
    Type C Specifications: 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185.
  • Medical Protective Boot Cover

    Medical Protective Boot Cover

    Our medical protective boot covers are subject to strict quality inspection.
    The surface of medical protective boot covers shall be free of mold, impurities, adhesion, cracks, damage and other defects. The connection part of the shoe cover shall be flat and tight.
    We have professional test reports on the water resistance, surface moisture resistance, breaking strength, breaking elongation, filtration efficiency, and resistance to synthetic blood penetration of the medi...
  • Disposable Medical Cap

    Disposable Medical Cap

    Product name: Disposable medical cap;
    Model and specification: A plastic (sewing), B type (mechanism spring type) C type (mechanism)
    Type C disposable medical cap size: length 530mm, width 340mm, length deviation -4%~- -3%, width deviation -3%~-2%)
    The non-woven fabric used in disposable medical caps is not less than 20g/m2
about Donghaixiang

Professional medical devices and protective articles manufacturer

Donghaixiang group company is incorporate textile dyeing, plastic, package, melt-blown nowoven.medical equipment etc. of large group company. As one of the professional China Medical Protective Supplies Suppliers and an OEM Medical Protective Supplies company, we offer wholesale Medical Protective Supplies Suppliers for sale online. Our company attaches great importance to the quality of the product, technology accumulation, and technologi cal innovation. Currently we have obtained more than 80 invention patents.

Zhejiang Donghaixiang Medical Device Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of donghaixiang group specializing in the production of medical devices and protective articles. Our Medical Protective Supplies through ISO13485 medical device quality management system. It has all kinds of relevant qualifications, obtained thecer tification of EUCE and FDA, and has 40 intelligent mask production lines. It has 24 N95 production equipment lines, It can develop, produce and sell medical surgical masks and disposable medical ports Masks, disposable masks, N95 protective masks and other products, and equipped with a full set of mask detection equipment, can independently test varioustypes of masks.

The company takes the responsibility of people , selects the quality materials, adopts the advanced equipment, establishes a perfect quality management system, provides high-quality Medical Protective Supplies products and protects the health of users.

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    Enterprise establishment

  • 80 +

    Patent Certificate

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    Company employees

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We has all kinds of relevant qualifications, obtained thecer tification of EUCE and FDA.

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Medical Protective Supplies Industry Knowledge Extension

Medical protective equipment and personal protective equipment
Medical Protective Equipment (PPE) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are two different types of protective equipment used in different settings.
Medical Protective Equipment (PPE) refers to equipment worn by healthcare workers, such as doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, to protect themselves and their patients from the transmission of infectious diseases. This type of PPE is designed for use in a medical setting and includes items such as N95 respirators, gowns, gloves, and eye protection.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) refers to equipment worn by individuals in their daily lives to protect themselves from hazardous situations, including the transmission of infectious diseases. This type of PPE includes items such as face masks, gloves, and eye protection.
In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the distinction between medical and personal PPE has become less clear, as masks and other items originally designed for medical use are now widely used by the general public to help prevent the spread of the virus.
Selection and use of medical protective equipment
The selection and use of medical protective equipment (PPE) is an important aspect of preventing the transmission of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. The following are some important considerations for the selection and use of medical PPE:
1. Type of PPE: Different types of PPE are recommended for different situations and procedures. For example, N95 respirators are recommended for procedures that generate aerosols, while gowns and gloves are recommended for procedures that involve contact with infectious materials.
2. Fit and seal: PPE must fit properly to provide maximum protection. For example, N95 respirators must have a good seal around the nose and mouth to prevent air from leaking through the sides.
3. Training: Healthcare workers should receive training on the proper use, fit, and removal of PPE to ensure that it is used correctly and effectively.
4. Proper use: PPE must be used as directed, including wearing it for the entire duration of the procedure and removing it properly to minimize contamination.
5. Supply management: PPE must be readily available in adequate quantities to ensure that it can be used as needed.
In summary, the selection and use of medical PPE is a critical component of infection prevention and control in healthcare settings. Proper use of PPE, combined with good hygiene practices, can help to minimize the spread of infectious diseases and protect healthcare workers and patients.

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