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Product name: Disposable sampling swab;
Product description: The sampler consists of a swab, which is provided non-sterile. The swab consists of a swab head and a swab rod. The material of the swab head is made of nylon fiber flocked head, and the material of the swab rod is made of ABS injection molding Trace rod, the initial packaging is paper-plastic bag.
Product use: used for sample collection.
Warnings and Cautions:
1. For use by trained medical personnel only:
2. It is forbidden to use products with damaged packaging or expired expiration date;
3. It is forbidden to soak the swab with the preservation solution before sampling.
Storage and storage:
This product should be stored in a clean, dry and ventilated room temperature environment.
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We has all kinds of relevant qualifications, obtained thecer tification of EUCE and FDA.

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Disposable Sampling Swab Industry Knowledge Extension

How to use a disposable sampling swab?
The use of a disposable virus sampling swab typically involves the following steps:
1. Clean the area to be sampled: Clean the area to be sampled, such as the nose or mouth, with an alcohol swab to reduce the risk of contamination.
2. Collect the sample: Use the sampling swab to collect a sample by gently inserting it into the nose or mouth and rotating it several times.
3. Store the sample: Store the collected sample in a sterile, airtight container or viral transport medium to maintain its viability and prevent degradation.
4. Label the container: Label the container with the patient's name, date of birth, date and time of collection, and any other relevant information.
5. Store and transport: Store the container in a cool, dry place and transport it to the laboratory as soon as possible for testing.
It is important to follow all the recommended guidelines for collecting, storing, and transporting samples, as well as the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the sampling swab and transport medium, to ensure accurate and reliable results.
Application of Disposable Sampling Swabs
Disposable sampling swabs are widely used in medical and laboratory settings for collecting biological specimens, including:
1. Clinical samples: Disposable sampling swabs are used to collect clinical specimens, such as nasal, oral, or throat secretions, for the detection of infectious diseases, such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the virus that causes COVID-19).
2. Environmental samples: Disposable sampling swabs are used to collect environmental samples, such as surfaces and air samples, for the detection of microbial contamination.
3. Microbial analysis: Disposable sampling swabs are used to collect specimens for microbial analysis, such as the isolation and identification of bacteria and fungi.
4. Forensic analysis: Disposable sampling swabs are used to collect and preserve evidence, such as DNA samples, in forensic investigations.
5. In each of these applications, the disposable sampling swab is used to collect a specimen, which is then analyzed in a laboratory setting to detect or identify the presence of a target substance or organism.

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