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  • Disposable Virus Sampling Tube

    Disposable Virus Sampling Tube

    Product name: Disposable virus sampling tube; Model: guanidine salt inactivated type (IA), non-inactivated type (NA); Specifications: 1ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, 2.5ml, 3ml, 3.5ml, 4ml, 4.5ml, 5ml, 5.5ml, 6ml, 8ml, 10ml, 12ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml, 30ml, 35ml, 40ml, 45ml, 50ml . Description: It consists of tubes containing preservation solution and swabs (optional), provided non-sterile. Use: used for sample collection, transportation and storage. Our disposable virus sampling tubes are suitable for influenza,...
  • Disposable Sampling Swab

    Disposable Sampling Swab

    Product name: Disposable sampling swab; Product description: The sampler consists of a swab, which is provided non-sterile. The swab consists of a swab head and a swab rod. The material of the swab head is made of nylon fiber flocked head, and the material of the swab rod is made of ABS injection molding Trace rod, the initial packaging is paper-plastic bag. Product use: used for sample collection. Warnings and Cautions: 1. For use by trained medical personnel only: 2. It is forbidden to use pro...
  • Nucleic Acid Sampling Workstation

    Nucleic Acid Sampling Workstation

    Nucleic acid sampling workstation is a product specially designed for throat and nasal swab sampling. The equipment is equipped with a ventilation and purification system to send clean and safe air into the internal space and maintain a relatively positive pressure inside. By constructing an isolated positive pressure space, the air inside the cabin is isolated from the outside, thereby effectively protecting the safety of the medical staff inside. While ensuring safety, it improves the comfort ...
  • Disposable Medical Mask

    Disposable Medical Mask

    Disposable medical masks are suitable for the public to wear in indoor working environments where people are relatively crowded, during ordinary outdoor activities, and when they stay in crowded places for a short time.Main technical indicators of the product: • Non-sterile/sterile • 3 layer • High Filter Efficiency≥95% • Expiratory resistance<40% • Meet YY / t0969-2013, en14683, type I, type II, ASTM f2100, level2, level3 and other standards, and obtain CE declaration of conformity, FDA and oth...
  • Medical Surgical Mask

    Medical Surgical Mask

    Medical surgical masks are mainly worn by medical staff when performing low-risk operations. It is suitable for the public to visit a doctor in a medical institution, for long-term outdoor activities, and when they are in a crowded area for a long time.Main technical indicators of the product: • Non-sterile/sterile • 3 layer • High Filter Efficiency≥98% • Expiratory resistance<40% • Meet YY 0469-2011, en14683, type IIR, ASTM f2100, level2, level3 and other standards, and obtain CE declaration of...
  • Disposable Protective Mask

    Disposable Protective Mask

    Disposable protective masks are suitable for respiratory protection to filter out particulate matter in air pollution environments in daily life. Disposable protective masks are made of three layers of non-woven fabrics (the inner and outer layers are spunbond non-woven fabrics and the middle layer of melt-blown fabrics), mask straps and nose clips, which are machine-pressed and heat-sealed. Generally, there are three layers of filtration, good air permeability, thicker type, better quality and ...
  • KN95 Mask

    KN95 Mask

    KN95 mask, non-oily particulate matter filtration efficiency ≥95% Main technical indexes of products: • Five floors • Hot air cotton • Water blocking nonwoven fabric • Hygroscopic nonwoven fabric • Two layer meltblown cloth • According to gb2626-2006, en149 and other standards, it has been certified by European CE and FDA KN95 mask features: • Breathable • Anti-haze • Droplet proof • Dust proof
  • Medical Protective Supplies

    Medical Protective Supplies

    We are a professional China medical protective supplies manufacturer and factory, we mainly produce and supply medical protective clothing, medical protective masks, protective goggles/face shields, medical latex gloves, protective shoes, work caps, etc. These medical protective supplies are mainly suitable for: 1. Medical staff entering isolation observation rooms and special wards; 2. Staff who contact specimens collected from patients, handle their secretions, excreta, used items and dead pat...
  • Alcohol Disinfection Products

    Alcohol Disinfection Products

    The 75% alcohol concentration is medically recognized, which can eliminate the new coronavirus and a variety of pathogenic bacteria, and is often disinfected to avoid bacterial infestation. It is mainly suitable for bacteria and disinfection of hands and surfaces of various objects. Our alcohol disinfection products mainly include disposable disinfection gel and disinfection spray, which have the characteristics of no-clean and quick-drying, portable spray, high-efficiency sterilization, safety ...

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